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The Solution to Recording and Presenting Visual Collections in Art, Architecture and Design.
Collectionthingy is a web based, image-rich descriptive system for collectors, appraisers, archivists, curators. Use it to register and share collections or checklists in a visually-compelling, browsable way.
Collectionthingy offers three levels of hierarchy -- an organisation can break up its holdings into collections, then into groups of related works and then by individual object.

Collectionthingy is Unusually Quick and Flexible

- Rename descriptive fields at will.
- Move works readily between groups.
- Browse entries in different sequences.
- Display works in either list or gallery format.
- Add images through your mobile device in the field.
- Share links to entries or works with a single click.
- Drop selected works into portfolios for ready reference and sharing.
- Unlimited text for descriptive fields.